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Uniforms and Equipment for Adult School Crossing Guards. An adult school crossing guard wears a uniform and uses equipment that is highly visible and easily identifiable by the general public. This enhanced visibility allows motorists and pedestrians to see the . Crossing Guard. At a vehicular location, general federal guidance is provided by the MUTCD, but ultimately, local criteria traffi c engineering judgment and analysis are needed to determine when and where an adult school crossing guard is needed. Available gaps in traffi c are a primary factor in determining the need for a Crossing Guard.

Crossing Guard Training Manual – CDOT crossing guard training manual with comprehension test and key and performance review form. CDOT School Zone Traffic Safety Evaluation 2014. CDOT School Zone Traffic Safety Evaluation 2014 - fillable. National SRTS Adult Crossing Guard Guidelines - Section 1. Adult School Crossing Guard Guidelines v 2. The Role of the Adult School Crossing Guard. T. he primary responsibility of an adult school crossing guard is to help children safely cross the street as they walk or bicycle to and from school A well-trained adult school crossing .

the adult crossing guard can concentrate on the traffic, while the students wait with the patrollers in a safe location. it is important that guards understand that school safety patrollers operate. offoff the roadway. aaa school safety patrollers have a different set of rules. “Safe Crossings,” developed by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety & Education, is a comprehensive Adult Crossing Guard curriculum that incorporates local law enforcement, school districts, and county agencies to comprehensively train and meet the needs of .