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Being in my late 20s, I was a little embarrassed to admit I was homesick. This isn’t summer camp, this is life! And I’m a full-grown adult! Adult homesickness: There is no medication for homesickness and neither are there preventive measures. Travel guides may give remedies to deal with nausea for bad travelers' but they never discuss homesickness though it is accepted that everyone will go through .

We want to grow, see the world, but all this without being homesick, which is practically impossible! The main reason for homesickness, is the time and difficulty which we face to adapt to the new and changed environment! At least children can cry out and express how they feel, but we adults just sulk. Being adult is another way of saying. Oct 05, 2018 · There’s a stigma about feeling homesick as an adult, but given that early adulthood is a time of uncertainty and identity formation, it shouldn’t be so surprising that it lingers beyond childhood.

Homesickness in Adults Adele Wilde Counsellor and Psychotherapist Perth, Western Australia. Homesickness is an emotional state of mind, where the affected person experiences intense feelings of longing due to separation from home environment and loved ones.