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Obesity. In New York City, obesity is epidemic: more than half of adult New Yorkers are overweight (34%) or obese (22%). Data show that people develop obesity early in life: nearly half of all elementary school children and Head Start children are not a healthy weight. Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work, and Play, September 2015 (PDF) Adult Overweight and Obesity in New York State, 2000-2010 (PDF) Student Weight Status Data Obesity Statistics and Prevention Activities by County Information for Action (IFA) Fact Sheets.

Adult Obesity Facts What are the latest statistics on adult obesity in the United States? Defining Adult Overweight and Obesity How is adult obesity measured? Causes and Consequences What contributes to overweight and obesity? What are the health risks? Adult BMI Calculator Use the Adult BMI calculator for adults ages 20 years old and older. adult obesity-related health problems in 2011.10 Surveillance Indicators and Data Sources In NYS, surveillance for obesity and overweight in adults is conducted through the BRFSS. The BRFSS is an annual, statewide random-digit-dial telephone survey designed by the Centers for Disease Control.

1. Introduction. Obesity is a complex, multifactorial, and largely preventable disease (), affecting, along with overweight, over a third of the world’s population today (2,3).If secular trends continue, by 2030 an estimated 38% of the world’s adult population will be overweight and another 20% will be obese ().In the USA, the most dire projections based on earlier secular trends point to Cited by: 426. obesity efforts by convening a multi-agency Obesity Task Force that would recommend innovative, aggressive solutions to address the obesity challenge in New York City. The Obesity Task Force was convened in January 2012 and conducted its work over the following several months.