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Adult Religious Exploration (RE) offers opportunities for personal spiritual reflection and growth that fall outside of our weekly Sunday services. These opportunities include, (but are not limited to): Classes and discussion groups Small Group Conversations provide a way for individuals to get to know each other, explore important questions and ideas, and deepen [ ]. Adult Religious Education. At First UU, learning isn’t just about absorbing facts; it’s about becoming open to all the exciting possibilities of our existence as human beings in this world. It’s about learning to honor the dignity and worth inherent in ourselves, our neighbors, and in the world community.

Young adults need support from folks of all ages in our UU communities, especially during the many transitions of young adult life. Ensure that young adults feel welcome in your community, make sure there is a place for them there, reach out to emerging adults (PDF), find the level of campus ministry (PDF) that works for you and your. Carol Kraemer and Clare Whitfield will lead a discussion of the widely acclaimed book, Just Mercy: Making Real the Need for Criminal Justice Reform by attorney Bryan Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson has been on the front lines of social justice, representing some of the neediest prisoners in the nation.

Attend the Adult Faith Development and Programming Renaissance Module when it is offered in your area. Find Program Curricula and Resources. Explore Curricula and Resources for adults available on line. Explore Adult Spirituality and Inspiration titles available at the UUA bookstore. Support Small Group Ministry/Covenant Groups. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) is a term used within the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) in the United States and formerly the Canadian Unitarian Council.YRUU was an organization at the continental level primarily run by youth, ranging in Location: United States & Canada.