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Marcus has been giving violin lessons for adults for the past 9 years. From the first adult violin lesson he has given to a 21-years old undergrad, he has taught adults from diverse backgrounds, such as national servicemen, working professionals, and even a mom of four teenage kids. His adult students started violin lessons with various wishes. Here is the 10 best violin lessons near you for all ages and skill levels. Get pricing and see reviews by your neighborhood community. Want to see the top 10?

Violin is a petite musical instrument with only 4 strings to play a wide range of music from past till now. It is suitable for any child ages from 5 onward to start learning. Violin looks simple and handy but it is the most challenging one to learn in string instruments.Not only that a player has to play accurate sound also the player to have sharp hearing and correct standing posture. NYC Violin Studio Join a Class Group Violin Classes Definition: A Group Class is a classroom learning environment where 1-2 teachers direct 3-12 students at one time how to play the violin, and on specific pieces or technique. Compare to private lessons. Level 0: Adult Absolute BeginnerGroup Violin Class Where: 353 W. 48th St, 2nd.

Group violin classes and lessons, violin teacher for adult beginner, intermediate, and advanced violinists. Violin, viola, cello, and bass adult string orchestra ensemble. Manhattan, New York City, NYC. Violin Lessons For Adults: Music is a predominant part of our lives. It is a great stress-buster and brings an immense sense of peace in our minds. Some people love to listen to the sound of the violin and some love to play this amazing instrument. At Learn Violin Lessons, we offer Adult Violin Lessons. Give yourself a chance to learn the.