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On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Dallas Branch, I welcome you. We are here to serve our community, particularly those with dyslexia, and do so primarily through conferences, speakers, and our scholarship fund. Our name is a little misleading because it makes it sound as if we only serve the Dallas . Dallas, Texas 75206 "Just as a diabetic requires insulin and a person with vision impairment needs glasses, sometimes we benefit from emotional support to boost optimal brain health and function.

LIFT has partnered with United Way to empower adults in Dallas to grow their literacy skills through free, easy, and effective mobile learning apps. They are designed to help users build literacy skills and bring about real and lasting change in their lives. If you do not have a device, United Way makes it possible [ ]. ADD, Anxiety, and Aspergers in Adults Home Page.

Dallas Dyslexia Assessment Testing. Welcome to Diagnostic Learning Services, one of the leading names in Dallas dyslexia assessment. The qualified educational diagnosticians on our staff can offer you the in-depth testing that your child needs to uncover whether or not dyslexia is serving as a barrier between them and their education. Mission. The mission of LEAD is to train teachers to provide remediation for children or adults who have been identified with dyslexia or a related disorder. The Diagnostic Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities provides quality evaluation services to help individuals, families, and educators understand and successfully manage possible learning differences.