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French. Discover the language of Love – Learn to speak, listen, read and write French with a course from Kent Adult Education. Language Self-Assessment. For guidance on choosing the right course at the right level click here for our self-assessment language grid or have a go at our self-assessment test by clicking on the relevant language; French. Adult education is education for adults in a variety of subjects, most of which are practical, not academic. Classes are often held in the evenings. Classes are often held in the evenings. Most adult education centres offer computing courses.

8. Adult Education in France - GRETA There are various approaches to adult education in France, some more formal than others. At a more informal level, within each commune you are likely to find local associatations that offer courses or training and others may be organised at a regional level by your Conseil Regional.. Ask at your local mairie for more information on local associations. Welcome to St. Laurent Adult Education Centre. We offer Academic Courses leading to a High School Diploma, Pre-Requisite courses for Vocational, Cegep and University admission. Basic English Courses / Basic French Courses.

Apply Filters Clear All Cancel. Clear All; Filters; Filter by: Subjects. Course Groups. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an educational program to help adult students learn English. We offer ESOL classes all year. Adult ESOL programs are offered in our community schools, the Adult Education Center, and several satellite sites.