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For an adult child to be considered eligible, the following criteria must be met: • Unmarried • Incapable of self-support because of a mental or physical incapacity that existed before the 21st birthday (or 23rd if enrolled as a full-time student) • Dependent on the sponsor for . A financial statement must be submitted for the Navy Personnel Command to determine the amount of support provided by the military sponsor. United States Code Title 10, Section 1072, requires that in cases of dependent children over age 21 and incapable of self support, the military sponsor must be providing over 50% support.

Nov 01, 2018 · Keep in mind Your personnel or finance office can help get you answers to secondary dependency questions.; When you’re ready to submit your initial application or redetermination package, make sure you send it to the correct DFAS office.; Make sure you review instructions and required documents for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps secondary dependency applications. The Adult Child With Special Needs. Sections of this guide provide information pertinent to the young. adult with special needs who is receiving services through an individualized education program and who requires transition support upon reaching the age of majority or has transitioned to adult services. This also includes those who remain under.

dependency statement - incapacitated child over age 21 please do not return your form to the above organization. return completed form to your local serving personnel/payroll office. omb no. 0730-0014 omb approval expires nov 30, 2010 control number privacy act statement instructions. Medicare: Uniformed for Dependents Services Program by MAJOR GENERAL PAUL I. ROBINSON, M.C.* When the Dependents’ Medical Care Act went into eflect on December 7.1996, it signaled the end of the diverse and rule-of- thumb system for dependent .