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How can the answer be improved?Tell us how. Sensory Diet for Teenagers and Adults. Susan Nesbit, M.S., OT/L, OT (C) Introduction: Patricia and Julia Wilbarger coined the term sensory diet. Persons with sensory over‐responsivity (SOR) – a subtype of sensory processing disorders (SPD) – use sensory diets to stay calm, energized, and organized.

It will help you identify those things that will help with self-regulation and specifically help you create a sensory diet for yourself. It is not only good for children, but definitely geared for adults too!! In fact, perhaps it is even better for adults, particularly your age! This is a sensory diet for This was developed by Sensory Diet WHAT IS A SENSORY DIET? A sensory diet is a group of activities that are specifically scheduled into a child’s day to assist with attention, arousal and adaptive responses. The activities are Children and adults with autism, as well as those with other developmental.

A sensory diet is a group of physical activities that can help your child stay alert and calm at the right times. It can be used as part of sensory integration therapy. A sensory diet can help “even things out” if your child is overexcited at times or too tired at others. A Sensory Diet is a plan of specific activities and experiences that a therapist, client or parent uses to help balance an older child or adult's nervous system and sensory processing. It may include a combination of organizing, calming or alerting activities with an individualized program or "diet" of tactile, visual, vestibular support with a backup of proprioceptive movement.