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You're absolutely right that Signature Confirmation (although, not Adult Signature Confirmation) is included with the Priority Mail Express service for free. However, to include this confirmation option with a shipment, you'll need to select it from the *Confirmation* menu, within the "Additional Shipment Options" section of the READY TO SHIP page. Something to consider if you're shipping expensive jewelry, especially if you need it insured for over a thousand dollars: If the package is light in weight, and if the location is not that far away from you, it's often cheaper, more secure, and faster to ship by USPS Express Mail.

pantlandia I apologize if it's to many words comprehend.Do you need me to space things apart so you can keep up lol.Just kidding around.Yes I know I talk & vent far too much.This topic started is about Signature Confirmation isn't it?I stayed on the subject in hand.Maybe more then what the person was asking but,it's all in there lol.No hidding things here I speak the truth.I think I should. Adult Signature Required: UPS will obtain the adult recipient's signature and provide you with a printed copy. Adult recipients must be at least 21. You may also view the adult recipient's signature online. Use Quantum View Notify ® to have UPS proactively send an email to your customers with information about signature requirements and.

With Adult Signature Required, the USPS requires an adult aged 21 or older to sign for the package. Adult Signature Restricted requires a specific adult to sign for the package. now supports both services on 10.0. For more information, click on a link below: Add .