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If you’re not talking to your teens about sex, social media will. A new study published in the journal of Nursing Research shows that African American teens who use condoms or some sort of protection found the information on the Internet. This correlation makes online marketing a valuable space Author: Janice Robinson-Celeste. Apr 20, 2017 · More than 9 in 10 black teens — 95% — have access to a smartphone, compared with 89% of whites and 86% of Latinos. While this may make Author: Associated Press.

How Teens and Tweens use media and technology: Six areas to be aware of What media young people consume – and the technology they use to consume it – is a topic of interest to a wide range of publishers, advertisers, regulators, parents and educators. White teens are less likely to be social friends with celebrities, athletes or musicians than Blacks. (48 percent of black social-media-using teens report celebrity friends while only 25 percent of white ones do). “African-American youth are more connected to pop culture,” explains Najah Goldstein, freelance entertainment writer for Radio One.