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Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine offers great stories of Inspiration, informative articles on treatment, many different avenues for help and support. A one year subscription is only $19. Subscribe and join the BCW community! Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine Summer 2019 Featured: Tori Bolton Vol. 14 No. 2 View Online | BCW Magazine PDF – [ ]. OC Breast Wellness is proud to be the only SureTouch center for an alternative to the mammogram in Orange County. Contact OC Breast Wellness, an Orange County Center for Breast Health with a safer, non-invasive alternative to mammography screening.

Listen to Ingrid Edstrom, FNP, M.Ed. introduce the Proactive Breast Wellness Program where she explains the benefits of the program and what it includes. Listen now to our free introduction to the program. The text version of the introduction is available here. Breasts are body tissues with their own health needs. At some point in time, most women will experience breast congestion, breast pain, discomforts of diagnostic or surgical procedures, and anxieties about lumps or other changes in their breast tissues. Pregnancy and breastfeeding have their set of associated breast tissue needs. Unfortunately, many women experience physical.

Breast Care & Wellness Most women will experience some type of breast change or condition during their lives. And while around 80% of these conditions turn out to be benign (non-cancerous), comprehensive breast care is essential to your health. The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness at Griffin Hospital combines state-of-the-art technology, a team of highly trained physicians and staff, and a Planetree healing environment to offer our patients a comprehensive range of personalized breast care and wellness services.