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Jun 09, 2015 · You Should Be Cooking More Veal. Here's Why (And How) Breast. Veal breast can be intimidating because it's a large cut of meat, and also because it's not commonly available in . Roasted veal breast “alla Fornara” is a classic Italian recipe rich in taste and history! The origin of this dish is Roman, created at the times of the battles for the Italy’s unification by an Italian patriot. The recipe is easy and tasty: juicy veal breast marinated in salt and herbs, braised in 4.3/5(2).

How to Prepare a Bone-in Veal Breast. The breast of veal, as the name would suggest, comes from the portion between the forelegs and corresponds to the human chest. It contains a large quantity of bones and cartilage, and the meat is usually either ground or deboned and rolled for slow roasting. Bone-in veal breast is almost invariably slow-cooked.