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Gilad's Quick Fit System™ is designed to help you get your body into a great shape quickly. Gilad's will give you great tips on how to maintain your success and stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. Gilad has put it all together in this easy-to-follow-program that . Popular fitness personality Gilad Janklowicz, who is best known for this TV fitness show, "Bodies in Motion," is single, as of 2014. Other fitness programs he has hosted include "Total Body Scupt with Gilad" and "Basic Training the Workout." Gilad's "Bodies in Motion" program, which has aired since 1983, is filmed in the Hawaiian islands.

Gilad Janklowicz (Hebrew: גלעד ינקלוביץ' ‎; born July 27, 1954) is an Israeli-born fitness personality best known for the longest running fitness show in the United States, Bodies in Motion, and for his show Total Body Sculpt with Gilad. The Pacific beach of Honolulu, where fitness guru Gilad Janklowicz just finished filming the 30 th season of Bodies in Motion, lies half a world away from the Mediterranean beach of Holon where he was raised. Even though the trip to Israel takes more than 24 hours, Gilad – as he is known to.

Gilad Janklowicz is one of the world’s most popular fitness personalities. As a pioneer in the fitness industry he has helped millions to stay fit with his popular TV fitness shows ‘Bodies in Motion’, ‘ Basic Training the Workout’ and ‘ Total Body Sculpt with Gilad’ and with his gold and platinum instructional home fitness DVDs and videos. Today Gilad's "Bodies in Motion" and "Total Body Sculpt With Gilad" currently air daily on Discovery Health & Fitness, while fans from around the world — the show has aired in 80 countries.