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Captain Ahab's Tragic flaw From THe Road Just Kidding Its clearly about Moby DIck Defiance Ahab's Tragic Flaw When Ahab first emerges to speak to his crew, he reveals their true mission, hunting Moby Dick. Many of the crew members have heard of Moby Dick and know how ferocious. Get an answer for 'What are some examples of Ahab being a tragic hero in Moby Dick?' and find homework help for other Moby Dick questions at eNotes.

Hemanth Venkataraman Ahab Essay In Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is a tragic hero. He is the commander in the story, and has many interrelated flaws which lead to his ultimate downfall. These tragic flaws include his pride and ego, obsession with revenge, and his determination to defy destiny. Captain Ahab (a character from Melville's Moby Dick), according to the definition of the Tragic Hero as provided by Aristotle, weakly fits into the definition of a tragic hero.. According to.

Melville likes to describe Ahab as a "monomaniac," an interesting word because it suggests two things: first, that Ahab’s insanity focuses itself obsessively on a single thing (Moby Dick), and second, that he’s only insane when it comes to that one —he can be rational about just . English tragic hero. These connections serve to craft a sort of American version of the classic English tragic hero in Ahab. Echoing the classical Shakespearean tragedy, Ahab blindly forges ahead in his quest to slay Moby Dick, and, like in the classic Shakespearean tragedy, the prophecies become true. After Fedallah’s death.