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The following is a list of Dick Tracy villain debuts. One of the appeals of the Dick Tracy comic strip is its unique villains. Many had bizarre deformities including The Blank (1937), Little Face Finney (1941), Pruneface (1943), The Brow (1944), Shaky (1945), and Pear Shape (1949). Chester Gould wrote these villains for his reader's righteous condemnation, without exploring moral gray areas. A freelance hitman and one of the most popular and recognizable Dick Tracy villains. One of Dick Tracy's enemies. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for.

Dick Tracy Villain Dolls Lot Of Three Applause Brand 10” 5D. Brand New. $37.73. or Best Offer +$8.00 shipping. Watch. DICK TRACY VILLAINS COLLAGE MOVIE POSTER FLAT TOP BIG BOY ORIGINAL PACKAGE. Brand New. $9.99. or Best Offer +$9.95 shipping. Watch. Flat Top Dick Tracy Villain Action Figure. The Villains of the Dick Tracy Universe. Chester Gould, in over nearly a half-century of writing and drawing the Dick Tracy strip, created perhaps the most formidable list of villains in American literature. The first was BIG BOY, whose gang killed Emil Trueheart and kidnapped Tess. A character of the early 1930’s, BIG BOY was a combination.

Elsa found out about this and drugged him with a strong sedative, rendering him unconscious. She and her brother Robie then put Claude in their freezer where he froze to death. Elsa took the money Claude had stolen and started paying off their debts. Dick Tracy managed to figure out her involvement. In desperation, Elsa killed her brother so. This wiki is about Dick Tracy, the American newspaper comic strip. Dick Tracy is one of America's most-enduring pop-cultural icons. It is noteworthy for its steadfast, chisel-jawed hero and the gruesome rogue's gallery of villains he and his fearless team of Crimestoppers must outwit to put.