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empowerment workshops for teen girls - Lessons For My Daughters Empowerment Workshops for Tween and Teen Girls

New York City based empowerment workshop for young women and teenage girls boosting confidence, self esteem, regulating emotions and helping them to navigate obstacles. Overcome teen depression, eating disorders and self-harm such as cutting and thoughts of suicide. The mission of The Girls Empowerment Workshop is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and INSPIRE teens by raising awareness, developing communication skills, and cultivating self respect. We do this through a series of workshops aiming to educate, break down barriers and open up paths toward self worth. How do we raise a teen to FEEL and KNOW they.

What is REALgirl? OUR MISSION. To help end gender inequality by fostering the ability of girls to discover their truest selves and develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage they need to consistently make informed life-choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-love and strength. Desire to Inspire is a themed educational and empowering workshop-based group coaching experience. This coaching program is for pre-teen (ages 9-13) and teen (ages 14-18) girls who are ready to fall in love with themselves, take their lives to the next level, and have fun! Why Should Girls Register for Project Inside Out?

Workshops and Curriculum Empowering Girls and Moms. Mom & Daughter Workshop This is a timely and pivotal program, out of all of our Girls in Power Programs. Girls With Confidence offers fun & creative workshops, events and camps for girls in K-12th grade that focus on the development of strong self-esteem and confidence. Click on any of the links below to learn more about our workshop curriculums and upcoming events for your daughter and don't forget to check out our new program for our Moms called Confident Moms.