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Jan 02, 2018 · One encouraging organizational response to the recent spate of high-profile sexual harassment allegations has been the instant announcement of a zero . Nov 10, 2017 · “The problem with zero tolerance is it's very binary. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are not at all binary.” How to report sexual harassment at work: A “zero tolerance” policy is a.

Feb 12, 2018 · Employees are more likely to report sexual harassment they witness at work when there is a zero-tolerance policy in place, according to a new Florida International University (FIU) study. Findings show companies where zero-tolerance policies are a top-priority are particularly effective in increasing the reporting of the most common forms of sexual harassment, whether moderate [ ]. May 01, 2018 · Sexual harassment is not something to take lightly. Although companies have been shouting from the rooftops that they have a zero-tolerance policy in place, what exactly does that mean? Make sure your office has an effective plan in place if something occurs in your workplace.

Some of these businesses are moving forward with “zero tolerance” sexual harassment policies, meaning that well-founded complaints of sexual harassment will lead to the dismissal of the perpetrator. For victims of sexual harassment, this is an important step forward. Zero tolerance. Few words generate such a genuine feeling of empowerment. What better way to control undesirable behavior? How else to eliminate the pestilence of workplace problems? In an era rife with violence, drug use, fraud, sexual harassment, and racial and age discrimination, it’s an.