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Bottom-freezer refrigerators get more recommendations than top-freezers, primarily due to their more convenient layout. However, their popularity is giving way to French-door fridges that are more convenient still -- replacing the sometimes massive one-piece refrigerator compartment door design with. Our expert team has selected the best bottom freezer refrigerators from hundreds of models. Don't buy a bottom freezer refrigerator before reading this review.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews by Brand. The list of Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews below should help you to find all the brands we've reviewed.But if you'd prefer a much shorter list with our current favorite bottom freezer refrigerators by brand, then click on one of the links below. The greatest perk of a bottom freezer model: All of your daily food items sit right at eye-level, so you don’t have to bend down to reach into the fruit or vegetable drawer. This makes bottom freezer refrigerators excellent choices if you don’t use your freezer very often, as .

Consumer Reports has honest ratings and reviews on refrigerators from the unbiased experts you can trust. Bottom-freezer refrigerators Built-in refrigerators Side-by-side refrigerators Top. 927 reviews; 112 bottom-freezer refrigerators; 12 brands; Consumers have contributed 927 bottom-freezer refrigerator reviews about 112 bottom-freezer refrigerators from 12 brands and told us the best bottom-freezer refrigerators you can trust. Compare the .