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Male and female (married or otherwise) punished together stories A drawing accompanied the story in which both were nude, face down on a table or bed, their bottoms thrust up and a woman stood above them to one side drawing a lash down hard on their quivering bottoms. I lose my shorts at a water park. Freddy is teased and embarrassed. Our H.S. senior quarterback's skimpy clothing teases. Blindfolded exposure to a group of men. Afraid he's been turned gay, Ash must confess to his girl. and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com!

Stories of girls and boys being stripped, spanked, disciplined and punished naked. For Mature Adults Only. Victoria takes advantage of an exam for biology. A clothing store attendant gets some CFNM action. John Mitchell discovers much more than a new career. A day in the hills sparks a lifelong interest. They said realism, and they meant it. and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com!

Punishment Stories post. I was pulled over for speeding, and the sexy female officer wrote me a ticket. While she was walking back to her patrol car, she looked back over her shoulder and caught me checking her out in my mirror. John and Jenny are two old friends who discover a shared interest in domination/submission and decide to play. Adult Male Spanking an Adult Female. Unknown to Alanea boyfriend Michael has caught her in an egregious lie. Excitedly she packs for their camping trip while Michael discreetly bundles together a collection of restraints and disciplinary implements.