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Mar 10, 2017 · The most precise method to identify the sex of a canary is by looking at the cloaca area during the mating season. To observe the cloaca you should blow gently or lightly moisten it for better visibility. In the outer area of the cloaca males have a bump, while fertile females have a flat abdomen. In Type canaries the sex determination is more difficult by the colour of the plumage. The main reason is the constant mating of non-intensive and non-intensive canaries. The frosted factor or buff factor is therefore more dense yet and the sex determination by the color is not always possible.

What sex is my Canary; Boy or Girl, Hen or Cock. It is very difficult to tell the gender of a canary at first glance and many an expert has come to grief by getting it wrong. Remember that during the moult and winter the cock bird sings less and sometimes not at all. Sexing Canaries Made Easy - Francisco A Salas a way so easy to sex canaries, they called it a “dummy proof way to sex canaries”; according to the article this can be done when the babies are still in the nest (about 10 – 12 days old) all you have to do is approach the nest, any baby that digs his head into the nest is a male, baby Author: Linda Hogan.

In almost of the different kinds of colour canaries the males have a deeper and richer ground colour. The length and the form may be different. At the beginning of the vocal training it takes only a few seconds. Males, however, show a certain length of the sex organ, as with other living beings. When I went to the DKB German Show last year, I was given a book written in German, on raising canaries. Fred Proebstel translated an article that appeared in the Vocal Roll publication (Central States Roller Canary Association). This article suggested that you could sex the canaries by using and index card held in line with the beak bite line.Author: Linda Hogan.