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Face Detection Software. (Open Source) code about detecting faces via image processing algorithms. Facial recognition API, SDK and face login apps. Luxand FaceSDK employs sophisticated algorithms to detect and track facial features quickly and reliably. The SDK returns the coordinates of 70 facial feature points including eyes, eye contours, eyebrows, lip contours, nose tip, and so on.

Rank One leverages powerful Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies to create a lightweight software development kit (SDK) that gives integrators access to the . FaceAR SDK for Real Time Facial Animation. Brands and developers use our face morphing and face tracking software to power their camera apps with amazing features. Live face filters, video face beautification, virtual avatars — you can now effortlessly build experiences so dazzling and captivating your users might forget to blink.

Often leveraging a digital or connected camera, facial recognition software can detect faces in images, quantify their features, and then match them against stored templates in a database. Face scanning biometric tech is incredibly versatile and this is reflected in its wide range of potential applications. Where do I find facial recognition? Luxand Face Recognition API. Avatar API Transform users' faces into 3D animated avatars that can smile, cry, or laugh! The API allows to simply upload a single photo and immediately get a custom avatar.