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You can live with someone of the opposite sex as long as you follow a few guidelines. 1) Don't move in with someone you're attracted to You might try and convince yourself that the opportunity to live in your dream apartment is enough to keep your panties on. May 01, 2012 · I think opposite sex roommates are very common these days. My boyfriend used to have a female roommate, and some of my classmates rent a house together, like two guys and one girl. I don't think gender plays an important role in how well you'll .

Tips For Living With a Roomie of the Opposite Sex Cleaning Rules. Avoid Romantic Relationships. Guest Policy. Mutual Respect. No Snooping. Be Flexible. Feb 06, 2013 · Opposite Sex Roommates 101. It’s generally understood that men and women communicate differently. Though this doesn’t apply in every instance, men tend to be upfront, while women are more inclined to use coded communication. Figure out what style you use, and what style your roommate might use.