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Mar 15, 2016 · Getting a job can provide a vast amount of financial information for a teen in one fell swoop. A teen's very first paycheck will bring the lesson that you don't get to keep all the pay you earn. A pay stub offers a great opportunity to introduce concepts like taxation and Social Security withholding — the results are there in black and white. We'll then post your financial question and the feedback here on the Stage of Life Financial Tips page for Teens. In the meantime, scroll down and review other questions about money that will teens increase their financial literacy.

Jun 14, 2012 · Financial Advice for Teens, From Teens (and Most Teens Really Need It) Credit card sign-on bonuses are certainly enticing, but you shouldn't be signing up for every card that's offering. If your teenager is trying to save up for a large purchase, or simply wants some extra spending money, one option is to find a job. Getting a job can be a teenager’s first step towards financial independence and can play a key role in preparing them for the future.

The great thing about teaching a teenager to properly handle money is that the feeling of responsibility spills over into other areas of life. Money is important to a teenager, so someone who is careful with how much they spend won’t carelessly hang out with the wrong crowd or .