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Thousands of teens have discovered a passion for Israel and their heritage through meaningful moments in Israel. Teen travel to Israel has long proven to be an effective form of Jewish education, transforming the lives of countless young Jews from around the world. Strengthening Jewish identity and personal connection to Jewish history and culture Recognizing the impact of Israel travel/experiences, the Federation provides need-based scholarships for both short-term organized teen trips (first-time, grades 8-12) and 5-12 month Masa Israel-approved programs for young adults ages 18-26.

NFTY in Israel is an epic journey through the story of your people. Touch ancient ruins visited by your ancestors for thousands of years. Eat delicious pita fresh off the fire. Climb sand dunes. Hike mountains. Swim in the Mediterranean. Float in the Dead Sea. Wander with your friends and meet amazing new people. Explore [ ]. Family trips to Israel with teenagers Planning a family trip to Israel with teenagers can be quite the challenge. During their teens your children strive to be independent, yet .

Looking for a unique destination to volunteer abroad? Consider Israel, where you can find a surprising number of interesting volunteer opportunities. Learn more about volunteering in Israel with our guide, and read program reviews from past volunteers.