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nc daughter cunt - Going for a Walk (Baker 1/7/95)

After he had emptied everything into my daughter's mouth, he got up and turned around. It was a lovely sight. There on the bed lay my little whore daughter, her arms and legs tied, shit smeared all around her mouth. And as if that wasn't enough, she was lying there . Her dad is there to comfort her. However, he goes beyond comforting his virgin daughter. (M/f-teen, nc, inc, 1st) Alice Finds Something Scary - by Sweet Irish - Alice is eleven, and has recently found out she must live with her father. Then she discovers sex, both bi and incestuous and even suffers rape. But revenge is sweet.

"Now understand this, cunt," I said, "I'm gonna hurt you real bad. And you can scream all you want. Please, be my guest. And then, I'm gonna kill your young ass. You ain't never gonna see your loved ones again, little bitch!" I was smiling as I told her this. She started crying. I stood up, grabbed her by her long hair, and dragged her into the. Daddy Made Me - by Sumddy - Insolent daughter tries to leave the house, and father stopping her leads to her saying no, but really meaning, yes. (Mg, ped, nc, rp, inc, 1st, mast, oral, bd, v) Daddy Makes On Me - by Radioman - My daddy pees on me and I like it. Sometimes I even beg him to whip out his big dick and take a leak right on my face.

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