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North Pak Aquarius 860. Hard Bottom Inflatable Boat with Built-in Motor Mount Brand New in Original Box Heavy Gauge PVC Inner Tubes Heavy Duty Nylon Zip-on Cover for Durability Plastic Keel for Better Tracking Close-Cell Foam Bottom for Added Buoyancy is Removable Two Aluminum Alloy Oars Built-in Motor Mount for up to 30 lbs Thrust Motor Ba ttery Storage Up to 4 persons/Up to 425 pounds. this is the new model of the aquarius boat --- an even bigger 9.5 feet!!!!this is a brand new, never opened, never removed, never used - aquarius 896, north pak hard bottom inflatable boat. features: • 9.5' inflatable hard bottom boat raft dinghy tender • includes 2 aluminum oars • built in motor mount • hard bottom for stability.

Jul 17, 2010 · North Pak Explorer Inflatable Boat Brand New in box - never opened. I bought this boat about 6 months ago but have never used it. Paid almost $200.00 including tax & shipping. Very nice & sturdy with plastic keel, close cell foam bottom, heavy-duty nylon cover and heavy-gauge PVC inner tubes. Holds 4 people up to 525 lbs. Boats, Yacths and Parts for sale, Selling for $175 or best offerThe North Pak Aquarius 860 is an 8.6' hard bottom. Americanlisted has classifieds in Chicago, Illinois for new and used boats. Selling for $175 or best offerThe North Pak Aquarius 860 is an 8.6' hard bottom inflatable boat.

Jun 19, 2008 · I don't think I have that specific one, but I do have a north pak raft that does not have the "hard" bottom. mine is just the tarp type material for the bottom and it only cost $70. I think it's an 8 ft boat. If the one you're looking at is the one with the hard type bottom, be it an inflatable bottom or something else.. then I think it'd be. I don't see them out there now, but this is the North Pak model. WalterV, who is on here has one. Its decent raft but the only motor that fits on it is electric motor and it has very little power with the electric motor. Barely enough to get the boat through wind and current. The raft itself with oars is pretty decent.