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The Navy will fund travel for one official (1) escort. Allowable expenses authorized for escorts includes, roundtrip airfare from departing city, rental car allowance, lodging and per diem based on destination. Escort travel is authorized up to 72 hours, from time of initial departure. Navy escort of remains. He died for it. The Army provided him and his family with a nice house in Oakland, Calif. Daigneault was married and raising two small children, but he was compelled to focus first dating anniversary gifts the families of others. When selecting an escort for the deceased, the activity arranging transportation is encouraged to consult the last navy escort of remains.

A military escort also is required by law. The family may request that commercial aircraft be used or that an escort not accompany the remains. While the remains are transported in an aluminum case rather than a traditional coffin, the case is adorned with a special “honor” cover. According to . Chapter 11: Special Circumstances Travel Page 11-2 DTS Release, Document Processing Manual, Version 1.3.32, Updated 11/3/10 This document is controlled and maintained on the Web site.

DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY Naval Medical Command Washington, DC 20372-5120 and Remains of all deceased personnel for whom the Depart­ Escort of Deceased Naval Personnel 10-7a(2)(f) 7. Forms. Forms are available from the sources listed below: a. The following forms are available from COG 11 stock points. LARAMIE, Wyo. — A motorcade will escort the remains of a sailor who died during the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor from Denver to the burial site in Wyoming.